Yukon Innovation Week 2021

Yukon Innovation Week 2021 presented a week-long series of free talks, lunch and learns, panel discussions, and more from local and national leaders who are innovating to build sustainable communities. A well-attended Project Accelerator capped off the week with skilled facilitators helping attendees move their projects forward with targeted advice and expertise. All events were held online and reached audiences across the Territory, a first for Yukon Innovation Week!

We are so pleased to share zoom recordings of a few of the inspiring and informative talks from our second annual Yukon Innovation Week. Enjoy!


Listen to the entire Kick Off Panel here. 

Passcode: E6+iAKG1


Listen to the entire talk here. 

Passcode: 5&bExd+j


Listen to the entire Fireside Chat here.

Passcode: U6pF&DQA


Listen to the entire talk here.

Passcode: 9=xx^Y9c


Listen to the entire talk here.

Passcode: DZ+Ze7=Z